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July 2005



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Jul. 21st, 2005


This Journal is now friends only

I'm going friends only. I didn't know you had to manually change all of your past entries. How fucked up is that? It's going to take me foreverrrrr *sobs*

Dec. 24th, 2003


(no subject)

So all Christmas shopping is done. Running on low sleep, am off to work in 2 hours. Gah, who works at a health food store on Christmas eve? WHY ARE WE OPEN!?!?!? AND SO LATE @#%&())@#(%&*@)#*(%&)%&@#%&@)#(%& *bombs healthy life*


Mum and Mick bought me a PS2, now, normally i wouldn't be fussed, but because of my alias mishaps i'm needing a new machine for those dvd's. :-L AND! I won't have to get a dvd player for when i move out (thank god)

I've been spending a lot of time at Zoe's house this week. I think it's good for her siblings because they get very bored on the holidays, whenever i rock up my inner child just bursts out and we're running around having water bomb fights and playing spotlight adn tiggy. Zoe told me she hadn't had so much fun in a long time. THat's nice. I was getting sick of being constantly drunk. My inner child was drowning in scotch :D

So yeah, Steve bought me Requiem for a dream.....funny that, i already have it -.-;;;; *laughs* Steve makes me laugh :)) he has the worst luck. Hmmm what else...Oh yes *wibbles* My extended edition is at Dad's. *dies* Although i don't know where he has it, at his actual house (ten mins from me) or his estate in ormeau (40 mins from me) *dies* So...dude i have to chase that up soon *wibbles* I can't stay away from my box sets.

Oh and dude, i found this fucking hilarious journal today. I was looking for Sarkney communities :)) And dude. Cat you must check this journal out. It reminds me so much fo the blogs. It's fucking funny though! http://www.livejournal.com/users/mr_sark/ -.- i'm going to die if i forget to find the link. I've got a million pages open at the moment.

So, shopping, I bought mum a huge book on the history of the rolling stones. I mean the thing is giant. I could barely carry it around the shops :)) So i had to give it to Legoloo to look after :x@him. I also got mum this ceramic plaque that says "Welcome to my Garden" with little pixies all over it. So she'll love that no doubt. Mick got an Aretha Franklin 3 CD box set. And for both of them Roy and HG complete box set of the dream on dvd. Juanita is getting her windows of her car tinted >.O so much money. Andddddddd that's it.

8-| i've totally wiped out my bank account and that's just with family -.- arrrrgh. :)) I'm going friends shopping next week 8-| with my huge bulging pay that i won't be getting -.-;;;

:-L I can't believe i'm buying riley the god damn TTT extended edition. )@#$(%&@)#(%* Damn him, he just had to go and get me a bust of pippin that cost him 180 )@#*%&@()#%* fucking hand painted *()&#%)*(@#% reh.

Not that i'm not insanely in love with my pippin bust.

And i don't kiss him good night every night.

*thinks about her pippin bust*

*sighs dreamily*

So Dude, I took Legoloo to get his Christmas present. He got a 15 dollar wash, polish and buff :D And then i pumped up his tires, checked his oil and water and filled him to the top with petrol. He was so happy. He was just bouncing around town being his usual kick ass self.

(note to self: Stop getting so attached to your car, remember what happened last time?!)

:)) Man, i was more upset about Legoloo Snr being all smashed up then my torn apart body :)) :-s The wounds didn't hurt until they towed my baby away :(

So now i'm looking after my darling Legoloo Baby Blue. And he's doing so well. He's going to the dr's next week to get his oil pressure switch looked at, apparantely when i bought him his new alternator the auto electrician noticed a little flaw in the oil pressure switch. So we'll get it all checked out.

*hugs her darling legoloo*

I don't need a man, I have my car :D

Anyway, i'm going to go play Fellowship of the ring. :D \:D/ Except i have to fight the balrog *whimpers* not cool man.



Zoe and I were talking about Christmas yesterday, and we were saying how we must be the devil spawns or antichrist or something. :)) Because both of us have received not a single piece of christmas mail. :| :)) So i'm sending her a card today. :D It'll be late -.- but that's ok. Still....i was thinking about it later and it made me laugh. I feel like a repellent for Christmas cheer. It just deflects off me. :D

Oct. 29th, 2003


(no subject)







should not have fucked around on yahoo last night.

but webcam with zoe was so fun.






(no subject)

I can't think of them all -.-
[1] Zoolander
[2] Wuthering Heights ;D
[3] Fellowship of the Ring
[4] Donnie Darko
[5] Requiem for a Dream
[6] Queen of the Damn
[7] Interview with the Vampire
[8] French Kiss :))
[9] Gone in 60 seconds
[10] Fast and the furious but i htink the disc is missing

Ten CDs You Own:

[1] Evanescence: Fallen
[2] Lord of the rings: The Fellowship of the ring soundtrack
[3] ": The Two Towers Soundtrack
[4] Justin Timberlake: Justified
[5] asadfsdfcasd;fo0i320 : Flamenco Guitar
[6] Chicaasdiofasdfjscf: More flamenco guitar :))
[7] Smashing Pumpkins: Mellon Collie and the infannentenntantnanentn sadness -.- i'm tired and overstudied :))
[8] um....god i can't htink oh josh groban
[9] Eminem?

Last 2 Movies You Have Seen In The Theaters
[1] Pirates of the Carabean <--spelt wrong :D
[2] god before that it was...shit...i can't remember...probably Old School...fuck.

Two Recent Movies You Want To See
[1] Tomb Raider 2 :| I still haven't seen it :))
[2] Kill Bill -.- i have no timeeeeeeeee

Three Movies You Need To Buy!
[1] Schindlers List
[2] TTT: EE (when it comes out) \:D/ Same
[3] Pirate of the Carribean (when it comes out) \:D/ same :)) I need to buy the alias dvd when it arrives too :| *glares at pussy

Five Bands You Have Seen In Concert
[1] Jebediah
[2] Mellon Colin god spelling sucks
[3] Marilyn Manson ... years ago at big day out....he was mildly pleasant :)) I love his lyrics :s
[4] Jerk
[5] O.o I saw Ja Rule in brisbane...but he was just walking aorund :s :))

Five Bands You Want To See Really Badly!
[1] Justin
[2] Justin
[3] Justin
[4] Justin
[5] :O Queen. :)) (Justin rocks my body >:) ungh)

Name All of the Countries You Have Been In
[1] Australia...

:( the end.

Top 5 Places You'd Like To Live
[1] London
[2] Toronto (;;)@em)
[3] Melbourne
[4] Venice (/:)@brigi)
[5] Glasgow. :D :)) Only because it's the only scottish city i know and i love scottland =p~

Top 3 Dream Jobs
[1] Actor :D
[2] Wife beater
[3] Object of every hot man's lust :D

Five Stores You Could Spend A Million Dollars At:
[1] Angus and Robertsons :|
[2] Myer :|
[3] Coles...O.o well...groceries count right? :)) I"m not big on the money spending :s
[4] The Body Shop =p~
[5] :O The Christian Dior boutique in surfers =p~

i should be studying

damn you survey

Oct. 9th, 2003


(no subject)

Alright it's 5.53am. -.- I'm about to go kill myself at Carseldine. My essay is due and then i have to present my seminar from way back when i had my panic attack :))


I hope i remember it


ohhhh shit i'm so screwed.



But i had a fucking great dream about dom and a nice car >:)

So all is well yes?

*steals a leaf from aut's book*



:)) I just love that word. What the hell does it mean anyway? :)) BULLER



Oct. 8th, 2003


(no subject)

Agagaagahahahah this essay is so shit 8-| Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaunty


I have to pee

(no subject)

I think i need to take speed or something.



i hate being an actor.

O.o don't tell jo



How am i supposed to keep up with this rehearsal regime AND complete these other assignments :(( Seriously i want to cry.





My legs hurt so much. We've been working on the suzuki method. :| Fuck you suzuki. Seriously i did not sign up for this course to endure 6 hour days, five days a week of constant physical fucken theatre. :s my legs are tearing apart at the seams. :(

And i have a seminar presentation tomorrow :))



Oct. 7th, 2003


(no subject)

This is why i am in love with adrien brody

OH FUCK YESCollapse )

(no subject)


Seriously...i'm never rewriting an essay again :s

Holy fuck knuckles.


And LJ is just way too distracting :))

I'm reading all of pussy's entries and i'm like "/:) You remind me of me."

:| I wonder if the whole merry and pippin thing is to blame here. Can you imagine those two in school /:)



That's a funny mental image






We would pass notes.

Dear Cat,
*insert crude picture of self and one of the hobbits*
Love Cher

ANd then our hot teacher would catch us and we'd be punished >:)


Our hot teacher can be Michael Vartan. Just cause he makes a good shakespeare teacher \:D/@never been kissed.

-.- I'm never going to finish at this rate :))

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